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Birth Control in Rochester, NY

Choosing a method of contraception is an important decision that will impact a woman’s daily life. Your doctor can help you find a successful method of contraception. You will be provided with information about the different types of contraceptives and their respective advantages and disadvantages. The highly trained OBGYNs at Genesee Valley Obstetrics & Gynecology will take the time to fully assess your birth control needs in order to help find the option that is right for you. Call our OB/GYN office in Rochester or Penfield, NY at (585) 641-0399 to schedule an appointment today!

Birth control methods have many different variables including frequency, convenience, permanence, and effectiveness. It is important to take into consideration your life, age, health, and previous experience. The decision is ultimately yours, but using our knowledge and experience can help you make the right choice.

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For more information about what contraception to use, schedule an appointment at Genesee Valley Obstetrics & Gynecology at (585) 641-0399.

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