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Before your appointment with us, quickly and conveniently access patient forms from our practice.

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To view the forms listed below, you will need Adobe Reader. Please bring your completed forms with you to our office at the time of your visit.

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Patient Rights & Responsibilities

Our patients have the right to:

  • Receive care and treatment without regard to age, race, color, sexual orientation, religion, marital status or national origin;
  • Receive information about our provider’s professional credentials, business hours of operation, practice locations and services provided, including how to access after hours care in the event of an emergency;
  • Receive quality health care in a considerate, courteous and respectful manner;
  • Be treated with respect and recognition of her dignity and right to privacy;
  • Obtain complete, current information concerning a diagnosis, treatment and prognosis from a provider in terms that she can reasonably be expected to understand;
  • Receive all information needed to give informed consent for any procedure or treatment;
  • Participate in decision-making with her provider about her health care;
  • Refuse treatment as allowed by law, and be informed by her provider of the medical consequences;
  • Have access to her medical records as permitted by New York State law;
  • Retain the confidentiality of medical records and information, with the authority to approve or refuse the Practice’s disclosure of such information, to the extent protected by the law;
  • Express any concerns about the care and services provided by a provider or any other staff member, and have the Practice investigate and respond to these concerns without fear of reprisal;
  • Make recommendations regarding the Practice’s patient rights and responsibilities.

Our patients have the responsibility to:

  • Be an active partner in the effort to promote and restore health by:
    • Openly sharing information about her symptoms and health history with her provider;
    • Listening;
    • Asking questions;
    • Becoming informed about her diagnosis, recommended treatment and anticipated possible outcomes;
    • Following the plans of care she has agreed to (such as taking medications and making and keeping future appointments);
    • Returning for further care, if any problem fails to improve; and
    • Accepting responsibility for the outcomes of her decisions.
  • Participate in understanding her health problems and developing mutually agreed upon treatment goals;
  • Inform her provider in any changes in health status;
  • Assure her current address and phone numbers are provided to the office;
  • Share with the provider any concerns about the medical care or services she receives;
  • Respect the time set aside for her appointments with the providers and give as much notice as possible when an appointment must be rescheduled or cancelled;
  • Understand that emergencies arise for her providers and that her appointment may be unavoidably delayed or rescheduled as a result;
  • Respect all providers and staff members;
  • Follow the instructions and guidelines given by her provider;
  • Show her insurance card and pay any co-payments or visit fees to the provider at the time the service is rendered;
  • Become informed about her insurance policy and coverage guidelines;
  • Become informed about Genesee Valley OB/GYN financial policy and administrative office procedures and abide by them.

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